Green-Z® Solidifier 15 oz. Shaker Top Bottle
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Green-Z® Solidifier 15 oz. Shaker Top Bottle

Product Code: 42012

At times, workers may be exposed to blood and bodily fluid spills and other harmful substances such as toxic chemicals, biological hazards, and chemotherapy agents. To help reduce those exposure risks, rely on Green-Z® for improved safety in your spill cleanup operations.


  • Green-Z® is chlorine-free and safe to use on chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde, and mercury spills.
  • Contains fast-acting, superabsorbent polymers.
  • Chlorine-free (safe for use on chemotherapy, glutaraldehyde, and mercury spills).
  • Eliminates splashing by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass.
  • Cost-effective cleanup solution*.*Dispose of infectious waste in accordance with federal regulations
  • Green-Z® is shelf-stable and does not require an expiration date. In order for the product to remain shelf-stable, it must be kept in a cool, dry place and the original packaging. If contents are hard or compact, simply shake the product to loosen before use.


  • Anywhere there are people, blood and body fluid spills may occur.
  • Industries at risk from handling unexpected spills include:
  • Healthcare: Facilities (acute and long-term care, doctor’s offices, clinics), Laboratories and Pharmacies
  • EMS: First Responders (police, fire, EMT)
  • Occupational Health and Safety:
  • Government Facilities (military, schools, colleges), Transportation (airlines, buses, trains)


What is the difference between Red Z® Solidifier and Green-Z® Solidifier?

 Red Z® solidifies and contains chlorine to deodorize potentially infectious blood and body fluids. Green-Z® solidifies but does not contain chlorine which makes it safe to use on chemicals such as chemotherapy drugs, glutaraldehyde, and mercury in addition to bodily fluids.


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