PharmaSystems Privacy Policy

Use of Information

At PharmaSystems Inc., we take your personal privacy seriously. PharmaSystems Inc. has not, does not, and will never sell, share or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information as well as any information deemed confidential by a client with any third party company or organization except where required by law. Upon registration, your account information is stored to maintain client accounts and relations. The information is used to facilitate communication between our team and our clients. This includes updating you on the progress of a project, informing you of a problem or a delay, provide technical support, and from time to time, general newsletters and surveys for those who have opted to receive such information. PharmaSystems Inc. does not contract with third parties to provide solutions to our clients. All work is done in-house and therefore no organization outside of PharmaSystems Inc. will have access to your private information. As mentioned above, PharmaSystems Inc. may collect anonymous data about your browser and IP address. This information is collected for the purpose of analyzing site usage, with the intention of providing a better user experience to you, our valued client. 

Information Protection

We would like you to be aware of the methods used at PharmaSystems Inc. to protect your personally identifiable information. Upon registration, your account information is stored in a secure database on our servers. Access to this database is limited to the PharmaSystems Inc. team. Your account password is stored with a one-way encryption, meaning it cannot be easily retrieved from our database by any party, including PharmaSystems Inc.. For this reason, in the event you forget your password we will ask you to change it as we cannot retrieve the original. Please note, your PharmaSystems Inc. user account is protected by a password in order to maximize security and ensure that you and only you may administer it. Please do not share your password with a third party you do not completely trust. In the event you believe your account security has been compromised, you may contact our support team at any time to have your password changed or the account temporarily deactivated. PharmaSystems Inc. is committed to providing the utmost quality in all of our solutions and offering you the best possible customer experience. However, if for some reason you wish to discontinue your use of our services, you should be aware that any account information in our system will remain in the system, in an inactive state. Please note that any anonymous site statistics collected from you before this point in time will remain in our system since such information cannot be linked back to you. 


Cookies are small files that the PharmaSystems Inc. web site may leave on your computer which can be used by the site to identify you. This technology allows us to enhance the customer experience by not requiring you to log in every time you enter our site. Because cookies are stored locally on your own computer, you have total control over whether you choose to allow them. For instructions on enabling or disabling cookies, refer to the help or user guide for your specific browser. Please note that cookies are often enabled by default.

PharmaSystems Inc. collects personally identifiable information including your name, phone number, email, address and billing information. For details on how and why this information is collected, please see Use of Information below. We may also collect information such as the URL from which you accessed our site, your IP address, and information about the type and version of your web browser and operating system. This information is collected anonymously and does not link to any of the aforementioned personally identifiable information.